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Hariwa Institute Introduction

Hariwa Institute of Higher Education, with its equipped and modern classes, facilities and suitable educational environment, is in fact one of the most advanced institutions of higher education in providing services to its students in the western region.

We believe that the only way to achieve well-being, peace, security, mutual acceptance, and happiness;  It is the learning of science and knowledge, and with the realization of this important thing, we will witness the dismantling of the context of war, insecurity, cultural and economic poverty.

Mirwais Fazli
Chancellor of Hariwa institute of Higher Education


Hariwa Institute of Higher Education is committed to providing standard education to its community by having the following three academic faculties.

Hariwa Computer Science Faculty

Computer Science

Providing standard and quality training in software production, network management and security, information systems and database management

Hariwa Stomatology Clinic


Committed to providing scientific and practical training in dentistry using new technology and providing expert and professional to the society.

Law and Political Science

Promotes the culture of the rule of law and to train professional cadres, including lawyers, politicians, judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys.

Equipped laboratories and library


Having more than 12,000 books, including 4,000 reference books and 8,000 books to advance the research and scientific activities of professors, employees and students.

Computer Laboratory

Computer laboratory equipped to carry out the practical works of computer science and other programs that require the use of computers.

Stomatology Laboratory

Equipped laboratories for chemistry, biology, petology, anatomy, prosthodontics, tooth restoration, dental implants, as well as research and biochemistry laboratories.

Juridical Clinic

Juridical Clinic for the Law and Political Science students

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